Freeing your creative potential through Art




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Freeing your creative potential through Art

A workshop using art to help people engage with their creative spirit and to reflect/ engage with ideas around freedom. The session will help people to learn to think and respond in new and creative ways. The session will offer an opportunity for hands on experience of creating abstract art and introduce some thoughts about being free.

This session links with the Wellbeing and Crossing Boundaries programmes initiated by the university.
  • Brief introduction by facilitators Rev James Pritchard (chaplain) and Eddy Aigbe (community artist)
  • Engaging with art
  • Relaxation exercise/freeing the mind
  • Creating artworks
  • Feedback and Reflecting on the experience

Outcomes :

  • To learn to be freer in thinking and actions
  • To develop the ability to look at things in different ways
  • To recognise their creative potential and understand some basic abstract painting techniques
  • To feel relaxed and to reduce stress levels

Who is it for?

Open to all staff and research students. No experience or ability is required.
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This course is for STAFF ONLY
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